A story of family and conviction

When Clément Fayat created his construction and civil works business in 1957, he had no idea that it would become such a wonderful adventure! 60 years on, the adventure continues through his two sons, Jean-Claude and Laurent, who currently run the family business.

From the outset, this visionary builder wanted to set up a company operating according to the “social business” model defined by Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus.

His philosophy was not to distribute dividends, but to reinvest them in the company in order to ensure its independence. He prioritised frugality over excess, prudence over speculation, and team spirit over individual success. “It is better to be small in your world than big in the world of others”, said this man who was very people-oriented and enjoyed direct contact.

He believed in audacity, transmission, and the skills that each employee has and can develop if they are willing to learn.

Clément Fayat and his two sons, Jean-Claude and Laurent Fayat, have turned their years of commitment into a project that was particularly close to their hearts: the creation of a shareholder foundation, the Clément Fayat Foundation.

Three values

The Foundation was created in line with the three values that have always driven the Fayat Group:

Autonomy in the long term thanks to the Clément Fayat Foundation’s irrevocable and progressive ownership of a part of the group's capital transferred by donation.

Commitment by the family and the contribution of employees to the Foundation's resources to ensure its financial independence, which is essential in achieving its missions.

Audacity to innovate by creating a shareholder Foundation, the fifth in France, perpetuating the independence of the family group, and thus ensuring the continuity of the founders' action.

Three causes

This organisation was recognised as being of public interest by decree on 13 January 2021, and has chosen to support three causes of general interest, in line with the values of the Fayat family:
Fighting neurodegenerative diseases
Fostering talent
Bringing heritage to life


The Clément Fayat Foundation relies on several scientific committees in charge of evaluating the applications for calls for projects, as well as a committee dedicated to training.

The Board of Directors

Ten members sit on the Foundation's Board of Directors, as well as a government representative.

  • photo de Jean-Claude Fayat

    Jean-Claude Fayat

    Founder, President

  • photo de Laurent Fayat

    Laurent Fayat

    Founder, Vice-president

  • photo de Olivier Lesur

    Olivier Lesur

    Member of the Founders' College

  • photo de Guy Lacroix

    Guy Lacroix

    Member of the College of Qualified Persons, Honorary President of Serce

  • photo de Sophie Sidos

    Sophie Sidos

    Member of the College of Qualified Personsand Treasurer, President of the Louis Vicat Foundation

  • photo de Matthias Fekl

    Matthias Fekl

    Member of the College of Qualified Persons, Lawyer

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  • Photo de Dr François Rouanet

    Dr François Rouanet

    Member of the College of Qualified Persons, Neurologist

  • Photo de Pr Wassilios Meissner

    Pr Wassilios Meissner

    Member of the College of Qualified Persons, Professor of neurology

  • Photo de Jacques Rougerie

    Jacques Rougerie

    Member of the College of Qualified Persons, Architect

  • Photo de Patrick Seguin

    Patrick Seguin

    Membre of the Institutional College, President and Representative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bordeaux Gironde

  • Photo de Étienne Guyot

    Étienne Guyot

    Government commissioner, Prefect of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region and Gironde

The Training Committee (college of HR experts)

This committee is involved in assessing projects. It is made up of human resources experts with knowledge of the construction and civil works sectors. Together they prepare the projects to be submitted to the Board of Directors.

composition of the committee

Scientific committees

The scientific committees assess the applications to the calls for projects. These committees are chaired by Professor François Tison, Professor of Neurology at Bordeaux University Hospital, coordinator of the Bordeaux Centre of Excellence for Neurodegenerative Diseases (BIND), Director of the Institute of Neurodegenerative Diseases - Clinical Branch (IMNc) and head of the Institute of Integrative and Complementary Medicine (IMIC). Depending on the application, one of the four committees will be called upon:

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