Clément Fayat

1931 - 2022

Upholding our commitments with audacity and autonomy

Taking up the challenges of our society

The Clément Fayat Foundation supports researchers and project leaders who work with conviction on three issues affecting our society: health, education and heritage.

We have made a real investment in these areas. This is in line with the values that always motivated Clément Fayat: Autonomy, Commitment, and Audacity.

The Clément Fayat Foundation

Fighting neurodegenerative diseases

Faced with an ageing population, the need for innovation in medicine is immense. The Clément Fayat Foundation has chosen to commit itself in particular to fighting neurodegenerative diseases of which the best known are Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

This support takes the form of grants for research work, scholarships for theses or post-doctoral students, calls for projects, and social initiatives related to the disease.

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Fostering talent

This commitment is inspired by Clément Fayat's personal history and is more particularly focused on the construction and civil works sectors.

By facilitating access to education, our Foundation aims to guide and integrate unemployed people, both young and old, and also to encourage more women to join the building trades.

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Bringing heritage to life

As a major player in the building and civil works industry, the Fayat family wishes to participate in the preservation of historical heritage by financing renovation or restoration projects.

Through this investment, the Clément Fayat Foundation helps to breathe new life into the rich heritage of France and all the know-how of traditional craftsmanship.

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The Clément Fayat Foundation is a shareholder foundation that was recognised as being of public interest in 2021. It was created by Fayat, number one independant construction group in France. Clément Fayat, the founder, built a family group based on the “social business” model.

For this visionary and entrepreneur, it was all about taking action to make a real contribution to solving the challenges facing our society.

The Clément Fayat Foundation

A clear focus on ACTION

We are committed to projects on a human scale, whose impact is measurable and visible, in three areas linked to the values and story of Clément Fayat: health and more particularly neurodegenerative diseases, training and professional integration, heritage and promoting traditional industries.

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