Taking action in the public interest

In creating this Foundation, Clément Fayat wanted to make a contribution to solving some of the challenges facing our society. Three areas were particularly important to him: health, education and heritage.



2024-2025 TOPAZ project
Complementary non-pharmacological intervention

Attention is an indicator of good cognitive health and a clinical marker of the early stages of vascular dementia. Computerised attention span training demonstrates significant improvements but with high interindividual variability. With the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the project aims to show in elderly people or people with early-stage vascular dementia that customised training makes computerised attention training effective for all.

This project is coordinated by the FLOWERS team featuring the University of Bordeaux INRIA Centre (French National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology) and PARISTECH’s ENSTA multidisciplinary engineering school, headed up by Marion PECH, PhD. Postdoctoral student.


Two Clément Fayat scholarships

2024-2026 Equipment Operation CAP vocational training course

LFondation Clément Fayat is bolstering its partnership with EATP Égletons civil engineering school by funding two Clément Fayat scholarships for the 2024-2026 “Equipment Operation” CAP vocational training course.

This means obstacles to accessing the CAP equipment operation training course can be eliminated by sponsoring a customised bridging programme, providing individualised support.


3rd Clément Fayat grant: VIP-PARK Medical research thesis 2023-2026

The aim of this thesis is to examine the dysfunction of one region of the brain and gain clearer insight into the neurological origin of anxiety, which has a considerable impact on the life of patients suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. The goal is to identify the effects of the vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP) produced by specific neurons on various brain structures and establish links between dysfunctional signals and the anxiety experienced by such patients, in order to improve their daily lives.

The research is being led by the Dopamine and Neuronal Assemblies team from the Institute for Neurodegenerative Diseases at Bordeaux University.


The VERGER DES BALANS project 2023-2025
Therapeutic Education Programme

LAlzheimer’s is the most common neurodegenerative disease. The Foundation supports the development of the Therapeutic Education Programme (TEP), at the GBNA clinic Le Verger des Balans in Dordogne, geared towards patients at a mild to moderate stage of Alzheimer’s or similar diseases, living at home with their caregivers.

The aim is to meet a growing demand from patients and caregivers to improve the quality of their daily lives.

This project is being led by the team from the Cognitive-Behavioural Unit of Le Verger des Balans (GNBA Santé), under the direction of ergotherapist Aurélie Jouhaud and psychologist Emma Poinot.


Project MUSIC-HD 2023-2025
Complementary non-pharmacological intervention

The Foundation is supporting a clinical trial of music therapy in combination with standard treatment for 15 patients with early-stage Huntington’s disease. This genetic neurodegenerative disease is characterised by movement disorders combined with psychiatric impairment in 35-75% of cases. This pilot study aims to evaluate whether music therapy reduces irritability, impulsivity and anxiety, and improves the quality of life of patients diagnosed with this illness in the early stages and their carers.


VLHE_EVAL Project 2023 - 2024
Post-doctoral grant

Since being opened in June 2020, Village Landais Alzheimer (VLHE) has become home to approximately 110 people with Alzheimer's disease or a related illness. This experimental project, the only of its kind in France, is based on non-medication treatments and support tailored to the patient. The research study involves comparative analysis of economic data (program costs and use of treatments) and clinical data (cognitive and functional evolution) from village residents and residents in nursing homes. The objective is to evaluate and put into perspective the clinical efficacy and economic cost of each of the program's models, as well as the effects on healthcare professionals and carers.

This project is led by the PHARes team from Bordeaux Population Health, under the direction of Jérôme Wittwer, University Professor of Economics at the Bordeaux School of Public Health (ISPED).


The Medieval frescoes of Saint-Calixte Church 2025

The Foundation is supporting the uncovering of Medieval frescoes hidden by centuries of whitewash. This project forms part of the Saint-Calixte restoration programme. The Roman church, a listed historical monument, is located in the mountainside hamlet of Cazaux-Fréchet, overlooking the Louron valley


2nd Clément Fayat scholarship:
Medical research thesis 2022 - 2025

The aim of this thesis is to characterise the anatomical organisation of motor circuits in the brainstem and to restimulate them to restore movement for people with Parkinson's disease.

Work carried out by the Development and Neurobiology of Neural Networks team at the Institute for Cognitive and Integrative Neuroscience of Aquitaine.

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Illustration: Medical research thesis 2022 - 2025


1st Clément Fayat scholarship:
Medical research thesis 2021 - 2024

This thesis focuses on the use of intelligent nanovectors capable of targeting the lysosomes of specific nerve cells and restoring their function of cleaning up aggregated proteins whose accumulation contributes to the pathological mechanisms of Parkinson's disease.

Research carried out by the Physiopathology of Proteinopathies team at the Institute of Neurodegenerative Diseases

Download the publications:

BioConjugate Chemistry March 2023 Cells February 2023 Find out more
Illustration: Medical research thesis 2021 - 2024


Two Clément Fayat scholarships

Equipment Maintenance BAC-PRO vocational training course 2024 - 2027

Fondation Clément Fayat is developing its partnership with EATP Égletons civil engineering school by funding two Clément Fayat scholarships for the 2024-2027 Equipment Maintenance BAC-PRO vocational training course.

By sponsoring a customised bridging programme with individualised support, Fondation Clément Fayat is opening up new possibilities for young people who want to advance with their project despite complicated personal situations, eliminating obstacles to accessing this training course.


2024-2027 AUMASMART project
Research grant

Over an 18-month period, the project aims to assess the link between progression in the autonomy of 100 patients with Alzheimer’s disease and progression of data on their daily smartphone use via use of an algorithm. The goal is to develop new non-invasive early markers to identify and track the progression of autonomy, in order to predict the progression of the disease and enable more customised treatment of patients.


ALOIS project 2023-2025
Therapeutic Education Programme

Early onset Alzheimer’s Disease affects 35,000 people in France. Given their age, no welfare structure is adapted to these patients requiring individualised psychosocial support. The project aims to create an innovative and multidisciplinary Therapeutic Education programme which would meet these patients’ specific needs in terms of behavioural disorders, and more particularly anxiety and stress management. The goal is to design and implement this programme in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

The project is being led by the Memory Research & Resources Centre team at Bordeaux University Hospital.


International Integration Grants

Training in machinery operation 2023

The goal of this project is to support young Ivorians from disadvantaged districts interested in public works professions, as part of a training-conversion programme in the Ivory Coast. In association with the École de la Deuxième Chance [‘The Second Chance School’], two applicants will thus be awarded the Clément Fayat international integration grant to follow training in machinery operation at the Egletons Vocational Training Centre for Public Works.


IPPLAMS Project 2023 - 2024
Post-doctoral grant

Using data from more than 692 French multiple-system atrophy (MSA) patients, the MSA rare disease reference centre of Bordeaux University Hospital and the biostatistics team of the Bordeaux Population Health Centre have modelled five evolving profiles of patients with different speeds of progression and mortality risks. The aim of the IPPLAMS project is to identify relevant biomarkers to establish a prognosis for this rare neurodegenerative disease, using these five scalable profiles.

Research carried out by team 12 of the Neurodegenerative Diseases Institute of Bordeaux University Hospital.


TAP_DLB Project 2023 - 2025
Post-doctoral grant

Dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB) is a neurodegenerative disease with no known treatment currently, caused by the pathological accumulation of a protein naturally present in the brain in its soluble form. This project's research involves analysing the brains of primates that have been injected with Lewy bodies extracted from the brains of deceased patients. This analysis is the final stage before a primate model of DLB can be developed, essential both to the understanding of this disease and the development of therapeutic solutions.

Research carried out by the Physiopathology of Proteinopathies team of the Neurodegenerative Diseases Institute of the Bordeaux university hospital, under the direction of Erwan Bezard, INSERM Research Director.


Raised mobile console for the pipe organ at Saint-André Cathedral in Bordeaux 2023 - 2026

Clément Fayat Foundation is supporting the CATHEDRA Association in its high-quality reconstruction of the pipe organ, with funding for the creation of a raised mobile console. This innovation will allow the organist to play the pipe organ or the choir organ amidst the audience. As a private financial sponsor, the Foundation aims to revitalise the richness of French heritage and showcase the expertise of artisanal craftsmanship used in this stunning project.


Two Clément Fayat Scholarships

Vocational training for machine operators 2023 - 2025

The aim is to offer two young people without a vocational training certificate the opportunity to enter the vocational training programme for machine operators, thanks to a pilot scheme to welcome them before the start of the school year and provide them with individual educational support.

An innovative project created in collaboration with EATP Égletons.


Lalique windows in Reims / 30 Angels by René Lalique in Saint-Nicaise Church 2022 - 2025

As a major founding sponsor, the Clément Fayat Foundation, alongside the Fondation du patrimoine, is contributing to the restoration of these 30 works of sacred art, which are exceptional both by their size and the technique used (moulded pressed glass). The windows are an example of the inventiveness and extraordinary creativity of master glassmaker René Lalique. The project to restore the church's glass windows is being carried out by the Association des Amis de Saint-Nicaise du Chemin-Vert.

Restoration of Lalique windows in Reims
Restoration of Lalique windows in Reims


Photo de Marion Pech

Research grant

Non-pharmacological intervention: 2024 to 2025

“Thanks to Fondation Clément Fayat’s support we will be able to advance the field of cognitive training for neurotypical ageing and pathology by providing “customised” training thanks to advances in Artificial Intelligence, responding to current issues relating to demographic ageing. This allows me to further my passion for and expertise with regard to ageing and technologies, opening up new possibilities.”

Marion Pech

Postdoctoral student - TOPAZ project

Photo de Emma Perrot

Clément Fayat scholarship

Research thesis: 2024 to 2027

“I’m delighted to be able to continue my doctorate with a thesis in the field of neurosciences, which fascinates me, thanks to Fondation Clément Fayat’s financial support. Fundamental research, whether focused on the brain or on other fields, is crucial to understanding our body. I am grateful that this funding is provided by a local foundation that actively supports research.”

Emma Perrot

Doctoral student - VIP-PARK project

Photo de Abderrahman Fettah

Clément Fayat scholarship

Research thesis: 2022 to 2025

“The support of the Foundation has enabled me to invest three years in this demanding project that I am passionate about: Exploring the contribution of a region of the brain to the regulation of our movements and the possibility of manipulating it to restore movement in Parkinson's disease.”

“I would like to thank the Foundation's managers for the time they spent with the research team to understand the central issues of our experiments. Feeling supported makes me even more determined to make a significant contribution to this research project.”

Abderrahman Fettah

PhD student - COUNTER-PD project

Photo de Rémi Kinet

Clément Fayat scholarship

Research thesis: 2021 to 2024

“Support from the Foundation allows us to move forward with this ambitious project to explore new therapeutic avenues for Parkinson's disease using innovative technology, and helps fund my work in the laboratory. The interest shown by the Foundation's managers during their visits and their willingness to take the time to understand the details of the experiments shows a real commitment by the Foundation in this thesis, which motivates us to move forward with our research and make it accessible.”

Rémi Kinet

PhD student - NAPAD project

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